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10TEN MAGAZINE is a high-end fashion industry publication for Photographers, Hair, Make-up, and Stylists from all around the world.

10TEN is a bespoke magazine aimed at the fashion industry to which influences and inspires. The magazine is a lifestyle/art /fashion/coffee table magazine. The readership is comprised of high-end editorial, fashion photographers, designers, models, stylists, makeup artists, reaching thousands of readers worldwide.


The price for the printed magazine ranges from £20 - £40 depending on the issue size, so the reader who purchases the printed magazine is making a choice over style rather than general fashion magazines. The magazine is purchased by fashionistas and people who can easily afford the product as they have the means to and lifestyle to match.


We have a strong online following through 80 fashion groups on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in America, Middle East, Milan Italy, France, and a lot of other countries in Europe, with a large following in the UK & Ireland. As it is bespoke print on demand everyone that orders a copy gets it posted to them in a box right to the door. A digital high res and low res download of the magazine is also available for those who wish to experience the magazine digitally.


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